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Kate Boulton | Ceramicist

I have always had a passion for the arts and completed a BA Hons in Art & Design at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2002. I then undertook an MA in Museum Studies at Leicester University and followed a career in the museum sector for a number of years, with art taking a back seat.

However in 2018, I discovered a newfound passion for ceramics and working with clay as an art form. I have developed my skills as a ceramist over the last 6 years at Oxcombe Pottery Studio - a beautiful spot in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

My work involves continuous exploration of colour and texture, with particular emphasis on ceramic materials, glaze reactions and natural processes. Inspired by the natural environments of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, I look to local land and seascapes as inspiration for my work, creating abstract versions of the world surrounding myself. Searching for the most intriguing sense of balance and contrast, I create pieces of ceramic artwork featuring undulating surfaces, fault-lines and fissures. 

Using chemical reactions of glazes and oxides, the detail and intricacies of the low relief technique brings a unique aesthetic quality to each piece. ​

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